CCTV Survelliance System


CCTV camera systems are among the most effective of crime deterrents available in Singapore today. A good quality security system can offer a visible (or not so visible) defense against all types of crime, but can also offer benefits to business in other ways too. When you are looking to enhance security at your premises with the latest surveillance camera technology, trust JSE to supply reliable CCTV systems in Singapore.

JSE is a specialist CCTV integrator and can design, carry out installation, and provide maintenance which fits your requirements end to end.

Our portfolio allows us to offer camera systems designed with your requirements and your budget in mind, compliant in all respects, and which can not only provide legal evidence but also save you money over their lifetime.

Our very best advice is for you to bear in mind that there is a world of difference between a cheap system which will “do the job” and one which is fit for purpose – that is, a system which will provide quality images when needed, on a crisp, sharp display, and which will operate in all the conditions it is required to.

JSE has seen many examples of CCTV which has been installed and where little or no thought has been given to the performance of the system. Invariably this has resulted in a CCTV installation which is of little actual use to the purchaser.CCTV1

JSE uses only quality equipment from our preferred suppliers ensuring that we can provide systems which operate with reliability, and in all lighting conditions, day and night, while being easy to use and fit for the purpose they were intended.




We can provide all of the following CCTV systems;

  • Analog Day/Night Cameras (Indoor, Outdoor, Covert);
  • IP Day/Night Cameras (Indoor, Outdoor, Covert);
  • Digital Video Recorders; and
  • Network Video Recorders



We provide maintenance on both existing systems of any make and on systems we install too – wherever in Singapore they may be, and however high from ground or remote from a building they are. We can engineer systems of any size and complexity.