Auto Barrier / Auto Gate System

Backed by our affiliated company, who is one of the world leaders in the Automatic Gates & Automatic Barriers system market, we, today, have established ourselves as one of the premier suppliers of automatic gates and automatic barriers system in Singapore.



Arm Barrier









Automatic Gates & Automatic Barriers 

With over a decade of experience in the design, fabrication and installation of automated gates and barriers. JSE provides its customers unparalleled variety, quality and service in the creation of customized gate and barrier systems.

Whether your gate and barrier is intended for commercial, industrial or residential use, JSE blends beauty, functionality and durability into each gate it produces. We serve as the benchmark in quality for the automated gate and barrier industry, always delivering a superior quality product in a timely manner.


Product Line

  • Sliding Gates (Commercial, Industrial & Residential)
  • Flap Barrier Gates (Commercial & Industrial)
  • Swing Gates (Commercial & Residential)
  • Automatic Arm Barriers (Highways, Carparks & Commercial)